To Turn Around

Today, I dressed myself like a young-adult novel heroine, sporting a faux leather jacket and a red scarf to guard my face from particulates that wander the air, seeking out a body to poison. I had bought the scarf when I was sixteen and constructing a costume (we call it a cosplay, within the community) for my first anime convention. It was odd to exalt the piece from the costume, wrap it around my face to armor myself from a contagion that was very real. It doesn’t have a filter like the real,

Pandemic Wisdom From Hayao Miyazaki's Films

Themes of disaster echo throughout Hayao Miyazaki’s work; while these works comment on the horrific nature of the events they’re modeled to represent, Susan Napier, a Japanese studies scholar, argues that they are actually meant to be vehicles of rehearsal of future trauma in an environment that is safe for the reader — an animated film. His work focuses on a number of different disasters and how the youth reacts to them, Keeping human comprehension of contagion, trauma, and disaster in mind, w